Zero Gravity Entertainment

Zero Gravity Entertainment is a quality driven production and animation studio with a global client base, a proven track record and almost 20 years in the industry. Based in South Australia, Zero Gravity Entertainment is ideally situated to provide world class quality that's both time and cost efficient.


Zero Gravity Entertainment is the playground of Jonny Gorden, enabling him to work with clients in a variety of capacities, from personal, one on one service, to providing a skilled and highly talented team customised to a clients needs.

Zero Gravity Entertainment can fulfill all, or any part of your production needs including:

  • Production
  • Concept development
  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Story boarding
  • Production design
  • Character design
  • 2D and 3D asset creation
  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Sound design
  • Music


Email Jonny Gorden at Zero Gravity Entertainment.

Phone: +61 408 733 375

Or please feel free to leave me a message on my blog.