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Lion King Cake and more…

As I’m just getting started on a new cake, I thought I’d post some of my previous ones…

When I was young I always made cakes for my family, especially my little sister as she grew up. After not making any for a few years I was excited to make birthday cakes for my own kids. This is Anastasia’s 2nd birthday cake from December last year.

Even a few months ago though, I had little idea about 3d sculpted cakes, I barely knew they existed let alone had any thoughts of making them. Just before my youngest’s 1st birthday a friend showed me some 3d cakes she’d made using fondant. I was amazed at what she’d done and what was possible. I made, what I sure was, the most elaborate Dorothy the Dinosaur cake ever made (little did I know).

Proud of what I’d done, but having learned a great deal from the mistakes I’d made, I started to investigate further, scouring the net for more examples and information. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What I’d made was quite basic compared to many of the creations I’d found, and I’d found a new passion. I had to learn more. I spent a few weeks absorbing as much as I could, seeing what was possible, trying to find out how it had been done, and planning how I could use all this new information to make bigger and better cakes. A friends birthday was coming up, a great opportunity to get some more practice in. I was a bit bolder with this one, which unfortunately came back to haunt me…

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An evening with Peter Combe

Wow, I’m still a little giddy with excitement from meeting Peter Combe, the king of kids entertainment, on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday APRA organised an evening with Peter Combe. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear him talk about his career and share songwriting tips. He sang some classics and we even heard some samples from the new album he’s currently recording.

As many of you know I’ve been writing kids songs lately, so it was especially cool to be able to absorb a little knowledge from the master. He’s inspired me to be a bit sillier with my songs, as I haven’t really pushed that aspect of my songs as much as I can, and should. I also had the chance to chat with Peter before and after the formal session, and he was very gracious and generous with his time and advice.

So big thanks to APRA for putting on the event, and of course to Peter Combe for being such an all round cool guy.


Welcome to my new site

It’s been 8 years in the making (well not literally 8 years, really only a couple of weeks, but it’s been 8 years since the last site design. But then the work shown covers about 15 years, so perhaps it’s really 15 years in the making. It’s all relative so don’t pay too much attention to how long it’s actually been), but finally here is my updated website. Some of the old links don’t work any more, but it should be easy enough to find what you’re after in the new design. Hopefully my portfolio is easier to navigate, I’ve added a bunch of new stuff that I hadn’t got around to putting up before, and the new look and design will allow me to more easily show you what I’m up to.

Speaking of which, as part of the update I’ve added some new projects that have taken up most of my time over the last few years. I’ve been working with Annix Studios creating kids properties for tv and other media.

I’m very excited about Little Charley Bear which has been picked up by Hit Entertainment, the powerhouse distributor behind such shows as Bob the Builder and Thomas & Friends, and will be seen on CBeebies and other networks around the world in 2010.
There’s also Scragg ‘n’ Bones which includes the voices of Richard Hammond (Top Gear) and Adam Hills (Spicks & Specks). With the pilot done, Scragg ‘n’ Bones is in preparation for a tv series with a 20 minute introductory episode to kick things off.

I’ve also been developing a few other kids shows that I hope to share with you really soon, along with some new music, and some other stuff too. This blog will be the launch pad for a whole range of things I’ve got planned, so keep checking in and enjoy the show.