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Where’s the Animation?!?

You may be wondering what all this talk of cakes is all about, and why is it on a site primarily about animation? And to be honest you’d be right to ask…

Let me start by saying my blog will continue to be a place where I answer peoples questions, whatever those questions are about. Lately I’ve been asked quite a few questions about making cakes, and so that’s what I’ve been posting about. This blog, as well as me posting what I’m interested in at the time, will also be somewhat reactionary, allowing me to respond to pretty much anything people tell me they’re interested in, if I have something to say about it.

I’m not really at liberty to discuss or show much of the animation work I’m doing just at the moment, but that will soon change. So if you’re waiting for more of that sort of thing then please be patient. It won’t be too long now.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed I’ve taken down the Charley Bear pages temporarily. Don’t worry, we’re just doing some re-tooling, a few adjustments, before re-announcing it to the world. There is a lot happening for Charley at the moment, and all will be revealed very soon.

Soon I will be releasing some video and written LightWave 3D training to bridge the gap between what was and what is now. LightWave has recently had some additions that are definitely worth talking about.

I’ve also recently revisited X-Men: ROA, and have some cool stuff to share. But I’ll leave that for another entry.

So let me finish by saying, thanks for your interest, and please let me know at any time if there’s something you particularly want to know, or topics you’re especially interested in. I’m happy to talk about what you want me to talk about.