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An evening with Peter Combe

Wow, I’m still a little giddy with excitement from meeting Peter Combe, the king of kids entertainment, on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday APRA organised an evening with Peter Combe. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear him talk about his career and share songwriting tips. He sang some classics and we even heard some samples from the new album he’s currently recording.

As many of you know I’ve been writing kids songs lately, so it was especially cool to be able to absorb a little knowledge from the master. He’s inspired me to be a bit sillier with my songs, as I haven’t really pushed that aspect of my songs as much as I can, and should. I also had the chance to chat with Peter before and after the formal session, and he was very gracious and generous with his time and advice.

So big thanks to APRA for putting on the event, and of course to Peter Combe for being such an all round cool guy.